After Hours

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

PC, Horror


Role Producer, Lead Programmer, Lead Designer

Tools Unity

Team Size 10+

Group Brown RISD Game Developers

You wake up in your office building one night and everyone is gone, desks are empty, and a monster is lurking around the corner. Listen for the monster's footsteps as you search for your coworkers and attempt to escape the building with your life.

Led a team of around 13 as a part of the Brown RISD Game Developers club to design, program, and balance a game within a four month time period.

Acted as the producer of the team, organizing everyone's tasks and keeping the design process on track. Led the design process of the game, including balancing issues and sound direction. Was the main programmer responsible for implementing the main mechanics, AI movements, monster interactions, and progression in-game.