Jailbreak Lockdown

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018

PC, Networking


Role Producer, Lead Programmer, Lead Designer

Tools Game Maker

Team Size 6

Company Hi I'm Alec Games

Jailbreak is a fast-paced, 1v1 online game where one player tries to escape prison without getting caught. Play as either the convict or the warden and outsmart your opponent in this stealth battle game.

What started as an in club project was continued into the summer and then into the following year. Once the club term ended, our team decided the game was incredibly fun and there was no reason to stop production. So, we continuously worked on it alongside school for two years until we finally released it on Steam.

I was the lone programmer on the team, so I implemented all mechanics, networking, and interactions. Networking was a big hurdle at first, but once I grew accustomed to it, networking became an easy and fluid action. I was also responsible for the majority of the design directions of the game, primarily in the structure of the jail cell and how to escape.

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