Line Slider

May 2018 - March 2019

IOS, Android


Role Lead Designer, Programmer

Tools Unity

Team Size 7

Group MassDiGI

Bip is a cute, mischievous little devil who wants to cover the town in paint, but the townspeople aren’t happy about it! Help Bip escape by painting your own paths for him to travel on. Dodge obstacles and collect as many paint drops as you can!

Worked on a team of seven people. Initially we whiteboxed and tested several different prototypes using Kanban Methodology, eventually settling on the core mechanic of line slider - drawing. We built the game from the ground up, maintaining a clear and consistent code style and structure, as well as proper documentation throughout the whole process.

As the lead designer, I designed every level by hand as well as controlled the speed of movement and the feel of the physics. Each level was designed, then tested by several outside playtesters before undergoing several changes to increase replayability and enjoyment. Additionally, I programmed the main drawing mechanic as well as the procedural generation in the infinite play section.

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