Street Shuffle

Jan 2021 - Present

IOS, Android


Role Lead Programmer, Lead Designer

Tools Unity

Team Size 7

Group MassDiGI

Beat other performers to win the affection of the crowd using cards and tricks, alongside your party members. Work your way through the streets of Dunkopolis, gain popularity, and face your biggest foes!

Worked on a team of seven people. As lead programmer, I delved out roles to the two other programmers as well as created and maintained the core systems of the game. This includes the card system, battle system, overworld, analytics, ads, and levels/experience system.

As the lead designer, I designed 50+ unique cards used by your party, as well as 30+ cards used by enemies. Enemy cards upgrade throughout the game resulting in several variants of each of their designs. I also was responsible for progression through the game from battle to battle.

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